Lets Talk Petty!

Lets Talk Petty!

We aren't petty. We just talk about it! Rivalries, grudges, revenge.

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Nov. 25, 2022

Mini Episode 37 - The High Council Of Deer Gutting

This is Andrews week to share a couple petty stories but Kate really runs with this one. Andrew continues on with a couple HOA st…

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Nov. 18, 2022

Mini Episode 36 - Dear Abbey: Teach Their Dog Gift Etiquette At The F…

On this weeks minisode, Kate does something never done before. Three petty stories!! Not one. Not two. Three! Her first one is a …

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Nov. 11, 2022

Mini Episode 35 - It Takes A Crazy Person To Deal With A Petty HOA

This week Andrew shares a couple more HOA stories. Dog leashes. Mailbox colors. These crazy HOA groups need to find a hobby other…

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Nov. 4, 2022

Mini Episode 34 - Wedding Woes

We have another listener story in todays mini episode. The listener is looking for our sage advice on if she is being petty over …

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Nov. 1, 2022

By The Way, Today Is

Today we launched our newest podcast By The Way, Today Is. Don’t worry Lets Talk Petty! isn’t going anywhere. We’d love for you t…

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Oct. 28, 2022

Mini Episode 33- Bee BBGun (The Rorie)

Andrew has the story for Mini Episode 33. He talks about the story of Rorie Susan Woods who brought her bee hives and full beekee…

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Anish Kapoor vs Stuart Semple - Kapoor is a Petty Rotter

In episode 7, Andrew tells the petty feud between Anish Kapoor and Stuart Semple. Kapoor tries to keep vantablack for himself. The art world is not happy…

Let's Talk Petty Episode 4 - Wanda Holloway vs Verna Heath

Episodes 5 & 6 are a two part series about Wanda Holloway and Verna Heath.  Wanda Holloway is a cheer mom who tried to have Verna Heath murdered

Let's Talk Petty Episode 4 - Jeff Bezos vs. Elon Musk

In episode 4 we discuss the petty rivalry between Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.