Feb. 15, 2022

Hatfields vs. McCoys

Hatfields vs. McCoys

On episode 1 of Lets Talk Petty!, Kate shares the story of the Hatfields versus the McCoys with Andrew. You will never think the same about pigs again. Also, the esteemed Walter Cronkite gets weaved into the conversation. What could the Hatfields or McCoys have done to be even more petty? Download and find out. We aren't petty. We just talk about it. 

About the show ...

Let's Talk Petty! is a show where husband and wife, Andrew & Kate, share stories of extreme pettiness with each other. The other hasn't heard all the details about the story and has to decide at the end an even pettier act that could have been done.  Witty, funny, and educational. How can you go wrong?! New episodes are posted each week.

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