Feb. 22, 2022

Houdini vs. Doyle

Houdini vs. Doyle

In this episode we discuss the feud between Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Their friendship started off as mutual respect for each other. It ended in a very petty feud in the public eye. Even after Houdini's unfortunate death. Does Kate secretly design tricks for illusionists? Oh, we also have our first listener email that we read and discuss from Arthur in Seattle, WA. He has his own podcast which you can find on his website https://2centscritic.com/ Definitely give it a listen.

Here are some interesting links from our episode.

Loren Kantor's  Houdini Article - https://medium.com/picture-palace/harry-houdinis-spiritual-feud-with-arthur-conan-doyle-702eca2f16ee

A Magician Among the Spirits (Kindle & others) - https://amzn.to/3H6AGB5

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