Fun show

I enjoy hearing the different stories of real experiences. It’s nice to reflect on how foolish our petty emotions can be sometimes. If you’re looking for an entertaining show that’ll also help you think about things differently, give this one a shot.


Fun conversation around some fun, relatable stories, all about pettiness. Really enjoyed it.

Not my usual, but loved it!

Equal parts funny and interesting, listening to this podcast was an entertaining way to start my day!


What a fun listen this is! Thanks for putting something a little different out there into the world!

Fun banter

This show is silly, lighthearted, and I appreciate the banter between the hosts. Those short episodes are a good way to fill a small waiting times in my day.

I don’t normally do “petty”…

But gosh, I loved this conversation! Great banter, cutting through all the “conventional wisdom” that you usually get out there. Shared with three friends before finishing the episode!


This is among my favorite new podcasts. I like the way their personalities compliment each other. They bring humor and outside connections without losing the thread. It is nice, light and entertaining. I have been looking to alter my media diet and get away from true crime, politics and other things that left me feeling depressed/angry. This is exactly what I was looking for. I laugh and feel good with every listen.

Loving this podcast so far!!!

This podcast is very unique! I love the stories that they tell to show how petty a person can be! It was my first time and I listened to the puma and adidas story and it was sooo interesting! Omgggg what a great episode 💯💯💯💯💚🙏🏾 I will definitely tune in for more💯💯

Clever approach

This show approaches a universal feeling (who doesn’t enjoy a good petty story once in a while) with an interesting historical and current approach, and hosts have great chemistry

Hilarious 😂

This show always has me laughing! I’ve listened to several episodes and just can’t get enough! The hosts are fantastic and play well off each other, I love the banter back and forth. Sound quality is awesome on this show as well as the funny, witty commentary for all the stories they share! I would definitely recommend this show!


I really enjoy your podcast it’s refreshing and hilarious to listen too.


I look forward to listening to what you two have to talk petty about every week and the podcasts are interesting and funny.

Hilarious and unique!

Who thought rivalries could be so fun?!

Introduction magic

That is, hands down, the best intro I have ever seen. George in Chattanooga, TN.